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We empower you to innvoate with remote teams so you can build the of future of internet

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Self-Sovereign Identity

Identity ecosystems and platforms along with wallets apps.

Web 3.0 Development

dApps and smart contracts on private and public chains.

Modern Software Development

Mobile, Web apps and roboust APIs on cloud.

Creating impact that lasts

We embrace the challenge of building technology that creates meaningful changes for people, organizations and systems. Through our solutions and empowerment, we help you achieve digital transformation and make a positive impact on the world.

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Selective Projects

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Self-Sovereign Identity


Digital trust services on Finland's most advance decentralized identity network

Decentralized Identity

ZADA Ecosystem

Self-sovereign identity ecosystem for verifiable credentials using identity networks

Decentralized Finance

Omaxx Crowdfund

Crypto fundraising and equity crowdfunding with decentralized secondary markets

ID Tech

Vaccify Me

Enabling seamless travel amid pandamic with decentralized identity credentials


OneHypernet Network

Connecting the world’s foreign exchange markets on a unified ecosystem

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