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What we do

Web3 Development Services

We offer top-of-the-line Web3 and blockchain development services. With the ever-growing importance of decentralization and blockchain technology, our skilled teams can help you harness the potential of these cutting-edge technologies. From designing and developing smart contracts that automate business processes to creating decentralized applications (DApps) that ensure security and transparency, we have the expertise to meet your unique requirements. Our services extend to tokenization solutions, blockchain consulting, interoperability, decentralized identity (DID) implementations, and seamless integration with Web3 protocols.

By partnering with Nordivo for your Web3 and blockchain development needs, you gain access to a team of passionate professionals who stay at the forefront of these rapidly evolving technologies. We are committed to delivering secure, scalable, and efficient solutions that drive your business forward in this exciting new era of decentralization. Contact us today to explore how our Web3 and blockchain development services can revolutionize your business and pave the way for a more decentralized future. Together, we can unlock the full potential of blockchain technology and create innovative solutions that transform industries.

How we can help

Decentralized Product Solutions

We can help you build your web3 dApps, DAOs, wallets and APIs from scratch to production or help you scale it with cloud.


A comprehensive DeFi services to empower your financial activities through decentralized protocols and blockchain technology.


Railored dApps services, building decentralized applications that enhance transparency, security, and efficiency for your business needs.


Enabling organizations to implement decentralized autonomous governance structures for enhanced decision-making and community involvement.


Comprehensive NFT services in creating, managing, and leveraging non-fungible tokens to unlock new opportunities in the digital asset ecosystem.


Transform physical and digital assets into blockchain-based tokens to unlock liquidity, fractional ownership, and broader investment opportunities.


Secure and user-friendly wallets that enable seamless crypto management and transactions for enhanced financial control and convenience.

Why us

Our Expertise

  • dApps for Public or private blockchain
  • EVM and non-EVM smart contract development
  • Fungible and non-Fungible asset tokenization and more
  • Experienced with ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155, ERC-5114 and more
  • Tokenomics design & consensus mechanisms implementation
  • WalletConnect and Metamask integration
  • Airdrop, initial coin offering (ICO), initial exchange offering (IEO) and initial DEX offering (IDO)
  • NFT minitng and security token development
  • Solidity and Rust expertise
  • Signature and wallet cryptography

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