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Self-Sovereign Identity


FindyNet Cooperative is a verifiable data network that strengthens Finland’s position in building digital trust. The Findy consortium is a broad and unique organization based on public-private collaboration in Finland that is developing a common, shared and secure network of verifiable data — a way to ensure the correctness of data in digital interactions. Findy is increasing the trust needed in digital interactions, improving private and public-sector productivity, and helping to combat the grey economy.

Mobile developemnt

ZADA Mobile Wallet

A Digital ID Wallet that puts you in control over your identities online. Conveniently manage all your digital IDs and data in one place, while safeguarding your privacy by deciding what to share and with whom. It enables to securely store and share credentials issued by third parties, proving your identity or age without revealing additional personal details. Embrace a future of secure and private digital identity management, where registering for new services is quick and easy, and an extra layer of security enhances your online experience.

Ecosystem Development

ZADA Network

With the mission to ensure that everyone has equal opportunities to benefit from new digital services and offerings, ZADA is a provider of digital identity ecosystem. Through the ZADA ecosystem, individuals and organizations can securely share personal data using digital credentials. Organizations have the power to issue various digital credentials to their customers, encompassing passports, driver licenses, credit scores, proof of employment, educational degrees, and more. This innovative approach ensures equal access and trust in the digital realm.

Decentralized Identity


A blockchain-based digital identity solution for all healthcare institutes, laboratories, and testing facilities across Pakistan. Its purpose is to enable them to directly send digitally signed credentials containing people’s COVID-19 vaccination status to their smartphones. It also facilitates the governance of vaccination passporting by allowing the institutions like aviation authorities or commercial airlines to verify people’s vaccination status, ultimately helping society to return to the norm and function in a seamless manner.

Decentralzied Finance

OMAXX Crowdfund

A decentralized equity crowdfunding autonomous organization (DAO). It enables startups to raise cryptos to fund their startups and enables investors to invest in cutting-edge unique startups securely. OMAXX provides a secondary market platform to address equity crowdfunding post-investment issues. The core activities are the tokenization of shares, the listing of tokenized shares, pricing of shares, matching of buyers to sellers of tokenized shares, share transfers, clearing and settlement, voting, monitoring and management of the governance, expenditure, compensation of entrepreneurs and managers post-investment.

Enterprise Blockchain (FinTech)


OneHypernet connects the world’s foreign exchange markets – banks, corporates, and payment service providers on a unified ecosystem powered by enterprise blockchain technology. OneHypernet uses enterprise decentralized technology to connect markets on a global ledger, enabling a real-time shared view with standardized protocols and data privacy. Instead of searching through a chain of banking agents, the most efficient payment route is generated from all permutations, giving customers direct access to local accounts.

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