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Paving the Way for Trusted Digital Interactions in Finland


About Findy

At our company, we are proud to have worked with the visionary initiative Findy, led by public and private sectors in Finland, to develop a groundbreaking verifiable data network that strengthens Finland's position in building digital trust. As part of this collaboration, we have built admin applications on top of their Test Network, providing a flexible environment for developing and testing use cases that leverage trusted digital data and verifiable credentials.

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Design & Solution

The demand for trust in digital interactions is ever-increasing, both for individuals and organizations. Verified documents play a crucial role in validating various data points, such as a person's identity, professional qualifications, or organizational information. However, the lack of a common means to verify the correctness of entered data has resulted in higher costs and inconvenience. The challenge was to create a secure, transparent, and privacy-protecting network for sharing verified data, fostering mutual trust between parties during digital interactions.

The Findynet cooperative serves as a ecosystem where organizations can securely issue, store, and validate verifiable credentials within a trust ecosystem. Built upon open-source Hyperledger Indy technology, the Network enables the creation, management, sharing, and verification of verifiable credentials. It offers a robust and distributed database architecture, providing an environment where organizations can test innovative services based on trusted data.

We implemented admin functionality applications that allows smooth usage of Findy Network, enabling the creation and testing of DID Docs that securely manage verifiable credentials. The network's architecture, supported by interconnected nodes, ensures a distributed, verifiable, and secure database, all maintained by the Findynet Cooperative. Through a user-friendly web-based management portal, organizations can easily create and register decentralized identifiers used in the Test Network.


Final Outcomes

The Findynet Network delivers numerous benefits to organizations aiming to enhance their electronic interactions:

  • Development and Testing of New Services: The Test Network enables rapid testing of innovative services based on verifiable credentials, accelerating time-to-market for new offerings.
  • Better Risk Management: Organizations can test ideas and technologies without significant infrastructure investment, reducing business risks and streamlining service development.
  • Improved Customer Experience: By exploring different use cases and e-commerce processes, organizations gain valuable insights into customers' needs, enabling customer-centric service development.
  • Business Growth Opportunities: Verifiable credentials streamline e-commerce processes, improve customer experiences, and open up new business opportunities.
  • Versatility of Use: The Test Network allows for the issuance and exchange of verifiable credentials through digital wallets in various roles within the trust ecosystem.

At Nordivo, we take pride in contributing to the Findy consortium's vision of promoting an ethically, economically, and socially sustainable data policy. Together, we are driving the transformation of the data economy, ushering in a new era of trust and reliability in digital interactions. Contact us today to explore how the Findynet Network can empower your organization to embrace the potential of trusted digital data and verifiable credentials. Embrace the future of digital trust with Findy and our cutting-edge identity solutions.

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