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We offer a variety of specialized services for projects and companies in developing web3 systems, covering everything from the initial proof-of-concept stage to production and scaling.

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Self-Sovereign Identity

Engage with decentralized identity for your products and services and plug into the new identity layer of internet with verifiable credentials.

Web 3.0 Development

Bring innovation to your products and services with decentralization. Unlock a new economic realm with smart contracts and blockchains.

Software Development

Build roboust and scalable mobile apps, web apps and APIs to grow your business and services and scale to cloud with agile development.

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Initial Ideation Workshops
Feasibility Analysis
Product Design
Technical Architecture Design
Proof of Concept Development
MVP Development

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dApp & Web Development
IDtech & DeFi Development
SaaS Development
iOS and Android Development
Platform & API Development
Scalable Cloud Architecture Design

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Scale Your Team On Demand
Control Your Burn Rate
Leverage Off-Shore Resources
Trusted Nordic Quality
Build A Diverse Team In 48 hours
Self-Manage or Delegate

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How can we help?

We develop state-of-the-art products for the Web3 ecosystem, with the ultimate goal of making Web3 accessible and user-friendly for your customers and help you build a more decentralized future.

Yes, depending on which stage you are we schedule free preliminary consulting workshop to help you with your innvoative ideas and challenges.

Yes, web 2.0 plays a significant role in our lives with product and services we use. We at Nordivo are experts when it comes to web2 development of Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Scalable APIs and Cloud Solutions.

Certainly! At Nordivo, we believe in working together and cooperating. We cherish and nurture the idea of synergies, which means combining our strengths to achieve a common goal. Our focus is on collaboration and achieving a lasting impact for everyone involved.

IdTech is at core of Nordivo with our extensive experience in SSI we take pride in our efforts and contributions to self-sovereign identity. Open sourced and closed in both realms we have engage with impactful organzizations to deliever outstanding ToIP decentralized ecosystems, wallets and W3C verfiable credential services.

At Nordivo we are driven by the idea of making an impact with innovation. We are helping our customers build the next genration of financial products and services for the future of internet. We enable you to harness the power of enterprise blockchains and public blockchains to build your next big FinTech project.

We are startup friendly and we care about your innovative ideas and things you want to build. Our globally distributed teams enables us to engage with you in a very cost effective manner. Depending on your needs the cost may vary but our working model allows you to control your cost and burn rate so you can achieve more with less.

You can contact us by filling the form on contact page or book a call with our experts for a discussion. We would be happy to answer any queries.

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